Thai Wok’s sales figures very strongly point to three dominant dishes that were most frequently ordered by consumers during the pandemic. These are pad thai, pad udon and fried rice. Pad thai alone, since the pandemic began, was sold to the tune of almost 5 million servings.

Thai Wok concluded what dishes Poles used to choose from Thai cuisine during the pandemic. Pad thai was the undisputed king. 

Thai cuisine is very popular in Poland, with more and more consumers opting for dishes that tempt with five tastes: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and umami. According to the lists of the most frequently ordered takeaway cuisines, Asian dishes were chosen right after burgers, pizza and kebabs since the pandemic began. 

Our sales reports show very clearly the three dominant dishes that Polish consumers ordered most often. These are pad thai, pad udon and fried rice. Since the start of the pandemic, i.e. from March 2020 to May 2021, pad thai alone was sold to the tune of almost 5 million servings. The predominant version was pad thai with chicken. Another two dishes were sold in excess of 1 million servings each, as Bartosz Brusikiewicz – Managing Director of the Thai Wok chain – concludes. 

Pad Thai is the most popular Thai dish served in restaurants around the world. It owes its popularity and its title as a national dish to the coup d’état led by Phibun. It was he who, more than eighty years ago, launched a competition to create the national dish which became Thai-style fried rice noodles. The dish very quickly became known as the first Thai street food. 

Its basic ingredients are rice noodles, vegetables, mung bean sprouts, tamarind, peanuts, chilli, egg, and trimmings such as chicken, beef, prawns, or tofu. The whole dish is accompanied by oyster sauce, fish sauce and pad thai sauce based on natural and oriental ingredients, giving the dish a bold composition of flavours.   

At Thai Wok, Dung Nguyen is responsible for original recipes of the dishes and sauces. We control every ingredient we use. We avoid artificial flavour enhancers and use fresh products, following the principle that the best Thai cuisine is fresh. Our mission is to provide a quick and fresh meal away from home that is a healthier alternative to traditional fast food dishes – as Bartosz Brusikiewicz 

Bartosz Brusikiewicz.